A Journey into Making Skincare Products

I was surprised to learn the cosmetic industry is not heavily regulated. And so, I asked myself, “Does this mean we can’t trust what’s on the labels of skin care products?” The short answer is NO. So, we have to do our research before using skin care products, because what we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can potentially cause health problems. I started making my own skincare products at home several years ago after learning about the potentially unsafe ingredients in some products on the market. It was upsetting to learn that ingredients used in products we commonly use can irritate the eyes, skin, lungs, disrupt hormones in the body, and even be toxic to organs. Yikes!

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Infused with Love

The skincare industry is NOT regulated like the food industry. What we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Many of us support stricter regulation in this industry, but while we’re waiting for clearer labeling and safer regulation, I decided to take control of my well-being by making my own products using ingredients that I’ve carefully selected. This gives me a phenomenal sense of self-sufficiency when it comes to my overall health. And it was easier than I expected.

It feels incredible to have peace of mind when using my own products that I make at home, because I know what’s in them. Having the assurance that my products are not tested on animals is so important to me!! And I get to experiment on my own skin, which is how it should be. If something’s not working, I’ll know immediately.

Experimenting with new recipes is sooo much fun – it’s a creative process. There are endless possibilities when creating your products at home. It’s like painting… you start with a blank canvas, and in the end, you have a work of art. ?

The amount of money I’ve saved by making my own products is a side-benefit and I’m grateful for the extra savings in my bank account.

Join the FREE Mini-Course 🙂 Learn why it’s a good idea to make your own products and discover how easy it is!!

Moisturizing and soothing Body Cream

Reduce Your Toxic Load by Using Fresh Homemade Skincare Products

The reason this topic was (and still is) so important to me, is that two of my adult children were diagnosed with cancer two months apart!! I was so heartbroken and shocked by the news, but it forced me to start reading and researching everything I could to discover what might have been the contributing factors for their cancer diagnoses. When my beautiful daughter, Christina, was diagnosed, the doctors told us that cancer is rare and random. But when my youngest son, Daniel, was diagnosed two months later, I believed there had to be something more.

Of course, I’ll never truly know the answer. Over the years of my own personal research, I think the best answer is toxic overload in the body, which can contribute to disease of any kind. So, I made it my mission to remove as many toxins from our daily lives as possible. And while we can never have complete control over exposure to environmental toxins, we can control what we put on, and in our bodies, so I started with skincare and household products. This seemed like a simple but significant step.

Chronic Conditions Can Disrupt the Flow of Our Lives

Are you dealing with a chronic condition like eczema or headaches? It can be so difficult to deal with, right? I’ve had chronic pain for many years, so I can empathize with how a situation like this can interrupt the flow of our lives.

Sometimes though, it’s as easy as reducing the toxic load in your body and home environment to see some improvement in a chronic condition.

Making Products at Home Both is Safe & Easy

Did I mention that making your own skincare products is very easy, just like preparing a favorite meal? I was hooked with the first recipe I tried! In the beginning, I made products for myself and Christina, but after a while, I began to share them with friends. Eventually, one of my best friends asked me to teach a class, and that’s when I realized I wasn’t the only one who was excited and enthusiastic about enhancing well-being by making fresh products at home.

I was instantly inspired to teach more. And it’s been a blast to see people light up when they realize how easy it is to create products, and then choose their own fragrances using therapeutic grade essential oils.

You know how fragrances often lift your mood?  It’s especially important AND FUN to choose what inspires YOU. And of course, when you are the one choosing the ingredients you’ll use in your products, well… that’s empowering to say the least. ✨

The variety of products you can make is endless!! Herbal oils, healing salves, soothing body butters, creams and lotions, cuticle oils, facial tonic, body scrubs and so much more… Your skin will thank for these fresh products that you’ve designed. 

Join the FREE Mini-Course 🙂 Learn why it’s a good idea to make your own products and discover how easy it is!!

Connecting with Nature Soothes the Soul & Inspires Creativity

Incorporating nature and plants into your daily life by way of herbal remedies and herbal skincare products is not only an enjoyable and creative process, but a health boost, too. A win/win in my book. I want to share this unique craft with as many people who are interested in learning it, and I just know that you will love this journey into herbal remedies as much as I do. Let’s connect. ✌

Perpetual Learning is the ultimate Anti-aging Formula

Informally, I’ve been studying herbalism for lots of years. I guess you’d call me the family herbalist. But I wanted to enhance my herbal education, so I decided to enroll in online courses at the Herbal Academy of New England. Getting to know individual herbs is like getting to know a new friend. There’s a connection and it builds over time. 

I imagine I’ll be studying herbalism until the day I die – it’s become part of who I am, engrained in my being.

Join the FREE Mini-Course 🙂 Learn why it’s a good idea to make your own products and discover how easy it is!!

I created a Free Course for you, so you can see how easy it is to make products at home

Making herbal skin care products at home is not only safe, fun and easy, but it’s another way to enhance your health. Join me in this FREE Course where you’ll learn:

  • Why using herbs in skin care products enhances the quality of your products and makes them EXTRA therapeutic to the skin
  • About herbal infusions and how to use them
  • The beneficial properties of a handful of carrier oils and herbs

I’ve included a video demonstration on how to make a body butter, so you’ll be able to make this recipe after completing this course!!

Fun, right?

Join me here. Looking forward to connecting with you.   

Join the FREE Mini-Course 🙂 Learn why it’s a good idea to make your own products and discover how easy it is!!




Anticancer: A New Way of Life, David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD

Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop 



Disclaimer: The information written in CRY Herbals’ emails, blog & website is for creative and educational purposes only. This information should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. All questions regarding any health condition should be addressed to your primary care physician or other healthcare provider. We are simply ordinary folk who love experimenting and working with natural herbal products to enhance and support the body in health and well-being. It is joy and honor to explore the historical and contemporary practices of herbalism for the purposes of education and personal fulfillment. ?


  1. Gina

    I am a licensed esthetician. I have been making homemade products moisturizers, scrubs, facial and toner’s. Not until I started my own business two years ago that all my clients started asking me what is that moisturizer? What is hydrating toner you put on me? I love making these products for my clients as gifts, my question would be how would I go into retailing it in my salon? Looking forward for more information thank you

    • Deborah Burroughs

      Hi Gina, so lovely to hear you’re making your own products for your clients. Sounds like you want to start selling these products. How exciting! I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the steps you would need to take for selling products in your own salon. Are you thinking of creating your own line? You would definitely want to make yourself familiar with all the regulations that are required. There are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow when you’re selling products commercially. I’d love to hear how things turn out. Wishing you the best success.

  2. Samantha

    I am looking forward to this course

    • Deborah Burroughs

      Hi Samantha, I’m happy you’re here. Thanks for your interest in the course. It’s available now if you’d like to sign-up. Let me know if you have any questions. ? Deborah

    • Melissa

      When is the course and how much does it cost?

      • Deborah Burroughs

        Hi there and thanks for reaching out!! The course is currently available and costs $97. Here’s the link for more information.


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