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From Passion to Purpose

I’m Deborah, founder of C.R.Y.​ Herbals, and I am so grateful that you have found your way here. I’ve had a life-long passion for plants, herbs, and the natural world, and more importantly their connection to our health and well-being.

I had no idea that my passion would one day take a turn to purpose.

Here’s our story:

I created C.R.Y. Herbals in early 2018 to honor my beautiful daughter, Christina, who died in 2013 from brain cancer.

The acronym C.R.Y. are Christina’s initials.

Christina was diagnosed in August 2011, and a short two months later my beloved son, Daniel, would receive a similar diagnosis. The diagnoses for both of my adult children were terminal. We gathered together to support them as they journeyed through the tough road of what was ahead for each of them.

As you can imagine, the many questions of why and how surmounted. I wanted to do everything to save them. A mother’s heart wants to spare her children any pain. No stone was left unturned, from our environment, foods, and lifestyle. Searching for answers. Time was of the essence.

And yet sadly, Christina would only survive for 20 months post diagnosis, and Daniel would combat symptoms and treatment for 8-1/2 years. He died in June 2019.

I miss their faces and playful personalities. They lived fully and passionately, and inspired everyone around them. I only hope that when my time comes, I will be as gracious and courageous as they both were.

I’m still devastated beyond belief, and yet, I put one foot in front of the other everyday. I sense their strength radiating through the constraints of time & space, and look forward to seeing them again.

Through C.R.Y. Herbals, it is my desire to continue honoring the story of their lives, and not focus on their deaths. And my passion-turned-purpose, is to delve deeper into all things herbal and healing through nature, and with the guidance of Christina and Daniel.

Christina & Daniel

My company, C.R.Y. Herbals, plans to become a springboard for a much larger project ahead. To create a foundation in memory of them both, where we can help families who have financial challenges due to lost wages as a result of a serious illness like cancer.

Thank you for reading and your interest in our story, I hope you will linger a while and become one with our family.

Lovely Customers

I have learned so much from Deborah. She has taught me a skill that I will use the rest of my life and will save me lots of money. Deborah has such a warm heart and is so patient. She welcomes questions and loves helping people live healthier lives. I am so happy to no longer have to pay big money for creams and lotions while wondering how healthy they are. I also love the freedom of using as much as I want because I know I can make more at a fraction of the cost. It’s pretty cool to choose and experiment with different scents, too. I highly recommend taking a class with Deborah.

San Diego area

I was a participant in one of Deborah’s classes last year and thoroughly enjoyed it! Her presentation style was very low key and she was very knowledgeable and thoughtful in her responses to the many questions we all had. She has a lovely demeanor which fits so beautifully with her products which I also highly recommend!! Taking her class was a real gift – above and beyond her wonderful products!!

Escondido, CA.

The tincture tastes delicious like Rose and the balm is amazing too. I’ve been wearing it daily. Have been getting compliments on how good I smell. It def lifts my spirit. If I start cranky it mellows that out.”

Head & Heart Spirit Blend Set

I’ve been struggling with my sleep for a few months. I’ve tried pretty much everything to remedy it. Most recently dosing myself nightly with ZzzQuil. Wow! Last night I slept better than I have in months. And without all the chemicals I’ve been putting into my body I’m a convert.

Deep Sleep Tonic

I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I loved the Calendula Salve. I had a pretty good burn on my finger from a hot skillet and that took the pain out and healed it up so well. Stopped the pain within 10 minutes and healed it right up.

Calendula Salve

Write for Us


C.R.Y. Herbals is a growing community of hand-crafters and herbal-minded friends, who love working with plants and herbs, creating non-toxic products of their own. Some are beginners, and others have far more experience. We can all learn from each other no matter where we’re at in our herbal journey.

I encourage you to share your passions and ideas as we grow in our learning processes. Just like a gorgeous garden, we’ll grow together.

Our goal is to discover natural ways to support health and wellness. Our journey is one of exploration, wonder and experimentation with herbal remedies. If you have a topic you’d like to share that aligns with our focus and mission, please send us a note to pitch your idea!

Thank you in advance for your interest and support of C.R.Y. Herbals, and its mission. Our hearts are warm and tingly all over since you have taken the time to reach out.

In health and wellness — C.R.Y. Herbals

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