Congrats on Taking Control of Your Health & Wellness!!

Making herbal skin care products at home is not only safe, fun and easy, but it’s another way to enhance your health.
I hope you find the information in the mini-course useful. 

Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 1

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”1637″ title=”Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 1″ description=”Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 1″ upload_date=”2018-11-26″ /]

Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 2

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”1639″ title=”Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 2″ description=”Free DIY Natural Product Course Part 2″ upload_date=”2018-11-26″ /]

I’d like to invite you personally to join the FULL introductory course, where you’ll: 

    • become your own ‘expert’ in recognizing potentially unsafe ingredients in products you might be already using, and how to safely replace them
    • discover how using herbs in skincare products is therapeutic to the skin and body
    • be amazed by the different carrier oils that are available to use in your skin care products, and how they, too, have wonderful therapeutic properties that you’ll want to include in your products
    • learn how to select herbs based on your own personal preferences, and then how make herbals infusions with the herbs and carrier oils you’ve carefully chosen
    • choose essential oils based on their effect on your mood and therapeutic benefits (yes, essential oils have some therapeutic benefits, too!)
  • learn how to make your own skin care products

Making Your Own Skin Care Products is Safe and Effective to Maintain Health

Do you ever find yourself wondering if the ingredients in your skincare products are safe? Have you considered if the company making the products tested them on animals? Do you sometimes wish you could get your money back when a product doesn’t work? Or, do you feel like you’re spending way too much money on skincare products?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often asked these questions, and now I have confidence and peace of mind because I know exactly what goes into my products. I feel good about using them because they were never tested on animals. If something I make doesn’t work as expected, I can make something different the next time, and at least I’ve haven’t spent too much money. Making products at home is often less expensive than buying department store cosmetic lines.

There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on skin care products that don’t work. When you make your own, you design the product based on your skin care needs.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into making your own skin care products at home using herbs, I’d love to meet you in the classroom.

Click the “Take Course’ button below! Or click here, to learn more.

Congrats on choosing to take control of your health and wellness!!

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