Grief & Loss

  • Herbs for Grief & Loss

    Losing a loved one changes you. For me, it’s as though a piece of my heart is missing, and this causes physical pain. Sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. After my beautiful daughter, Christina, died, one of my lungs collapsed. I often wonder if the heartache and difficulty breathing contributed to that collapsed lung. The plethora of emotions and levels of grief are too numerous to list. But...

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  • Deborah Burroughs 01/04/2020Grief & Loss, Self Care - Self Nurture

    Joyful Sorrow

    A Mother's Grief Christina & Daniel Our family was stunned and inconsolable when Christina and Daniel were diagnosed with terminal cancer two months apart in late 2011. Christina and Daniel, siblings born 5 years apart. I still remember the night Christina was diagnosed. The news was difficult to grasp, let alone process. I was numb. She needed to stay at the hospital for further...

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