Self Care – Self Nurture

  • Goldenrod (Solidago) ‘To Make Whole’

    Goldenrod, Solidago spp. In early January I decanted a Goldenrod tincture that I began macerating in late September. A perfect time to get Goldenrod ready for consumption in case of cold symptoms. As an astringent, Goldenrod can help dry up a moistened composition if needed, like a wet cough or runny nose. It can be used to aid digestion and urinary issues, too. Like many herbs, Goldenrod is m...

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  • Usnea (Lichen) Old Man’s Beard

    Usnea is sometimes called ‘old man’s beard’, tree moss, or beard moss, and lives in trees throughout the world. Old Man's Beard grows in hardwood forests and is considered by many an indicator of clean air. During the winter months after high wind events lichen detaches from the bark and softly rides the wind where it lands on the ground making it easy to harvest. Sometimes, branches with...

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  • Wintertime Energizing Pine Needle Tea

    Wintertime Energizing Tea with Pine Needles Making pine needle tea is easy and fun! Pine trees are located throughout the northern hemisphere and in some locations in the southern hemisphere. They are likely growing near you. The aroma of pine trees invigorates the senses and soothes the soul. Pine needles are high in Vitamin C, there’s more Vitamin C in pine needles than an orange!! As the ...

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