Skin Care

  • Usnea (Lichen) Old Man’s Beard

    Usnea is sometimes called ‘old man’s beard’, tree moss, or beard moss, and lives in trees throughout the world. Old Man's Beard grows in hardwood forests and is considered by many an indicator of clean air. During the winter months after high wind events lichen detaches from the bark and softly rides the wind where it lands on the ground making it easy to harvest. Sometimes, branches with...

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  • Deborah Burroughs 03/27/2021Skin Care

    Carrier Oil Shelf Life

    Note: The shelf life of an oil is dependent upon its exposure to heat and manufacturing date. It’s often recommended that oils be refrigerated. In some cases, frozen if you have large amounts. This list will you give an approximate idea of an oil's shelf life under normal circumstances (excluding extreme temperatures). If you are unable to store your oils in the refrigerator or freezer, at the v...

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  • Pine Resin – a very versatile substance

    I noticed a red gooey substance at the base of one of my pine trees. A Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), also known as a western yellow pine. I saw it but didn’t take the time to look closely until a few weeks later. Ever do that? See something, but you’re too ‘busy’ to slow down long enough to REALLY SEE it? I find myself doing that a LOT. I need to slow down as I move through th...

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