Wintertime Energizing Pine Needle Tea

Wintertime Energizing Tea with Pine Needles

Making pine needle tea is easy and fun! Pine trees are located throughout the northern hemisphere and in some locations in the southern hemisphere. They are likely growing near you.

The aroma of pine trees invigorates the senses and soothes the soul. Pine needles are high in Vitamin C, there’s more Vitamin C in pine needles than an orange!! As the needles remain on the branch Vitamin C amounts increase.

During cold winter months this evergreen stands out against the trees that lose their leaves and the snow. Their vibrancy in winter reminds us that life abounds, and while many plants are dormant, evergreens show off their resilience and strength throughout the darker and colder time of the year.

When you have properly identified your tree, give it a hug! We have much to be grateful for, and this herbal ally gives generously.

Make your own herbal infusion:

It’s important to use fresh pine needles from trees that are not located along the highway or roads heavily traveled by automobiles.

Gather a handful pine needles. Look for ones that are green and remove any brown parts. Bring them inside and cut them into one-inch pieces. Boil a medium sized pot of water on the stove. Turn the heat off, and then place your pine needles in the water, cover with a lid. Let this steep for at least 20 minutes. This is known as an herbal infusion (not truly a tea).

A Second Method

Another method for making this herbal infusion is to get a quart size jar, or even a pint size jar, depending upon how much tea you’d like to make and take that outside with you to use as a collection container. Fill the jar one-third to half full of fresh pine needles. And then bring that inside, cut them up (or simply break) into smaller pieces to increase the surface area, allowing for a more efficient extraction of the beneficial properties of the herb.

You don’t have to cut them into smaller pieces, you can keep it simple by leaving them intact. But if you don’t, fill the jar to two-thirds of pine needles, and then pour the boiling water over it. Cover with the lid and attach loosely. Steep for 20 minutes. Strain off the pine needles, and now your herbal infusion is ready to drink.

Or you can do it the way I do. I place a stainless-steel strainer over my cup and pour the liquid through that. This way, the needles continue to infuse in the warm water while I sip on my tea. And often, when the liquid is gone, I’ll fill it again halfway with boiling water because there are still chemical constituents available in the herbs even after the first infusion. I like to think of it as one and a half jars of herbal tea.

Folk Method – You Get to Decide

There’s no strict measurement here for this herbal infusion. We’re using the folk method (not measuring). It’s really based on taste. I recommend that you make a small batch of pine needle tea on its own the first time, because you really want to taste the tea and experience the flavors within this herbal ally. With this first batch it’s good idea not to add anything. Then you decide how strong you want it to be based on that first experience. Does it taste like a weak tea? Is it overpowering? Experiment a little bit and then you will begin to perfect your method based on your personal preference and experience.

The other reason to try one herb at a time is so you can see and feel how it affects you. After that, feel free to experiment by adding other herbs, lemon, and honey.

So Simple

Watch a short clip.

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It’s just this simple. You’ll find the experience of gathering the pine needles, smelling the pine trees, and sipping on this aromatic tea, will lift your spirit and provide health benefits as well. Vitamin C and the resin contained within the needles can support respiratory health and strengthen immunity.

This is just one more tool in your herbal toolbox to keep you healthy and strong during the cold winter months.

If you’re out backpacking or hiking, this is a great survival technique, as well as an enjoyable experience.

Share you experience with pine needle tea below!



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