Product FAQ’s for Your Reference

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Product FAQ’s for Your Reference

  • How do I take tinctures?

Follow the instructions on the bottle, but feel free to experiment a bit. Whenever you start taking a new herbal tincture, it’s a good idea to test it out by taking a few drops to see how you feel. Start with a few drops to see if you get the benefits you’re looking for. After a couple days of taking several drops 3 times per day, you can increase the amount as desired. Typically, it takes a couple weeks to see changes, but some people report improvements right away.

And remember, more doesn’t always mean better. The amount that gives you the benefit you’re looking for is the amount you need. For some, this might be a half dropper 3 times a day, or even 3 drops three times a day.

Most herbs are mild and safe, so you can feel comfortable taking a full dropper at a time if desired. And, it’s okay to take a couple different tinctures at the same time, but in the beginning, it may be best to take one at a time (again, to see how it affects you).

I’ll often take tinctures for a couple weeks, then take a week off. And other times, I’ll add them to my daily regime 5 days a week and then take a break for two days. Feel free to mix it up a bit. Our bodies are smart and always seeking equilibrium, which is why it’s helpful to change-up the way we do things from time to time.

When you do take a break, it’s a good idea to observe your body to determine if you’re missing the way the product made you feel. Is your energy dropping, foggy thinking returning, insomnia becoming an issue again, etc? When you take this approach, it can help you establish whether the product is truly helping.

Will we always notice a change? Not necessarily. In this case, we’re just enjoying the herb or herb blend because we know it’s loaded with micro-nutrients that our bodies need.

It’s been my experience that one particular herb may work wonders for one person, and for someone else… well, they may not notice any benefit.

I’ve also noticed through personal consumption of herbs that I have an affinity for certain ones. It’s as if they call out to me, “Take me. Look at me. Smell me. Touch me. Cook with me.”

You too might experience yourself falling in love with one or more specific herbs.

  • How do I take elixirs?
    • Pour ½ – 1 oz into a shot-glass and drink
    • Pour over your favorite dessert
    • Add to herbal tea
    • Add to sparkling water (optional: add ice)
    • Add to a cup of coffee

Skincare Products

  • Why does my body cream, body oil, salve and body butter have a use-by date?
    • C.R.Y. Herbals uses natural plant oils and infuses them with dried herbs. By adding botanicals to the formula, the shelf life of the product is reduced because there’s living matter in the final product.
    • Creams, cleansers and toners require preservatives because there’s water in the formula. At C.R.Y. Herbals, we’re using mild preservatives, which are gentler on your skin, and therefore, the product will have a shorter shelf life.
      • Please check the ‘use by’ date on your product 
  • How do I apply the eye serum?
    • After cleansing, gently dab a drop under eyes and above brows with ring finger before bed. Be careful not to get into eyes. Can be used in the a.m. if desired.
  • How do I apply the face serum?
    • After cleansing, gently apply to face and neck, avoiding eye area.
  • How do I use herbal bath salt?
    • Pour the entire jar into a tub with warm running water
  • How do I use the herbal bath soak?
    • Place in tub while running warm water
      • Suggestion: add bath salt to create an herbal mineral bath
  • How do I apply Magnesium cream?
    • Massage the cream over your entire foot, top, bottom and even ankles. Massage for a couple minutes (your feet will love you for that).
    • You may want to do this a half hour or so before getting into bed to let the product absorb fully (to protect your bedding). You can also put on a thin pair of cotton socks to lock in moisture (and again, protect bedding).
    • A note of caution please don’t apply if you have cracked skin or any open sores.

Important note: with any skincare product, test a small amount on the back of your hand before applying elsewhere. If there’s any irritation (redness, burning, itchiness), please discontinue use and request a refund right away. This is extremely rare, but it’s always a great idea to test all skincare products this way (even department store products).

  • Why do multiple purchases of the same item look and smell differently?
    • The charms of creating small custom batches means that there are always variables that contribute to subtle changes.
    • And some ingredients may be out of stock or discontinued from a supplier, therefore C.R.Y. Herbals will purchase from another supplier, making the final product slightly different. (Recipes remain the same.)
  • What do I do with the sachet?
    • Place them in a location around your home, automobile or office where you can see and smell them.
  • How do I use the bundles?
    • Bundles can be placed around your home or office as decoration and aromatherapy.
    • They can also be used as a smudge for your ceremonies.

Enjoy your products!


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